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Advanced Technology Dentistry Birmingham AL

As part of continuing to provide exceptional dentistry to our patients in the Birmingham, AL region, we believe in investing in technology, whether it is 100% digital imaging, digital teeth charting, intra-oral cameras and other advanced dental equipment. Each treatment room has a large flat screen TV where your x-rays and dental chart can be displayed. This allows us to discuss our diagnosis and treatment process with you. Due to our extensive education, experience and expertise, we are prepared to address all kinds of family and cosmetic dental procedures. These include, but are not limited to, operative restorations (fillings), crown & bridge work, complete dentures, implant restorations, TMD Treatments, Extractions, root canal treatment, Periodontal therapy, routine hygiene visits, veneers and teeth whitening.

Why does it matter, digital or analog, how does high-tech dental technology matter?

All of us live in interesting technological times, the advances in computers and technology enable some of the effective diagnosis, otherwise not possible 5 or 10 years ago.

Following are some of the benefits our patients enjoy with our advanced, digital technology dentistry:

  • Quicker recovery times after dental procedure (Oraverse)
  • You can’t treat what you can’t see, the hi-tech dental equipment helps us to diagnose more effectively in lesser time.
  • Minimum, negligible radiation from X-rays, we use digital pan machines and digital sensors, with much lesser radiation compared to their analog counterparts
  • Intra-oral camera – gone are the days, where when dentist tried to explain the your teeth x-rays using a couple of inches x-ray film. Now you can see clearly what dentists sees on flat panel TV mounted in every room.
  • Less wait time – because we can quickly take x-rays using our digital machines
  • Our office is 100% digital, which mean enhanced data security for you.
  • Efficient diagnosis – our technology allows dentist to efficiently diagnose the problem and offer appropriate treatment options.
  • Loupes – our dentist, Dr. Gutti utilizes loupes for examination, with these powerful lens, the dentist can get much better picture of of problem, that is otherwise not possible with naked eye
  • Satisfied customers, and peace of mind
  • Latest, advanced treatments/solutions at your exposure

Our team goes through continuous training to stay abreast of the technology advancements, which helps us to bring state of the art solutions to our patient base. For detailed information about the advanced technology, visit Advanced Technology page.



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